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2 hour, 32 Min / actor Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Harris / Directors Chris Columbus / Steve Kloves / / Rating 617986 Votes


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2:36 Alfred Hitchcock would be proud. 2:20 Voldemort says that Harry lies, yet little did we know, HARRY WINS THE HOUSE CUP. No wonder people wanna go to Hogwarts they got this cool theme song. This movie was well put together. Even though they took out some of the scenes that are in the book and shorten the encounters with people it was still good. All the actors/actress who got picked to play the characters in the book played the part excellent.

Lol! Imagine if netflix made a TV show about some random hogwarts students. I would watch

Oh! When will I receive my letter. I am already 15 or will I have to live like a muggle all my life. That is so funny when Harry I mean when all of the owls came and Harry get the note and the family who's with Harry are like ahhh help like if you agree. Best theme ever! ❤️⚡️🦁. Harry Potter (2001) Harry Potter 2 (2005. I've got presents ❤ my Harry ❤. This scene amongst several others captured so well the hopes and dreams of everyone who wished they lived there. Owls for days. That last Snape scene should not have been deleted. It's power packed and so meaningful in establishing Snape's character. How rude of that big bad boi thing. That's totally barbaric. All the mother could think about at the end is, Im going to have a lot of cleaning up to do. 1:23 Her nose is dripping snot! lol. Spoilers herein.
For a long time, we have been warned about what will happen when a couple large companies own all the news, publicity, publishing and film channels. Now, we have the results, a film product that is as moribund as Microsoft software. In both the new MS and HP products, we have more than an order of magnitude more spent on promotion than on real innovation or imagination.
This is a completely pedestrian effort. The books are fun, but only about as much as scores of prior ones. The rest is hype.
About the film, I found no charm and three things that impressed me with their lack of skill.
- The most puzzling of these is the score. Though always derivative, Williams has created scores that have become the floor of imagination for vast areas of our minds. He is tepid here, and one can only think is by direction from the Committee.
- No puzzle with the camerawork. The blocking and angles have less art and adventure than any major film this year. Compare the perspectives with `Monsters, which aren't noticeably arty, but which really adds thrills to the experience.
- The thing that impressed was the ordinariness of the architecture. Casper could do this well. Ridley Scott can repeatedly. Why do we get buildings that would be unremarkable even in the real world.

You've heard enough about this movie; you certainly don't need to read one more glowing review. So I will just give you some sage advice.
I have read several reviews that strongly suggest that you go back and read this book again before seeing the movie (or read the book for the first time before seeing it. Don't! Bad advice. Very bad advice.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book when I first read it and enjoyed it again when I read it again the week I saw the movie opener (actually I listened to audio tapes, which I feel are far superior to reading the books; the emotion that Jim Dale puts into the readings are truly extraordinary and need to be experienced. But that made me watch the movie looking for differences rather than sitting back and enjoying the movie for what it was.
Of the seven of us who went, two had never read the book (one did not even know what a Nimbus 2000 was, if you can believe that. and I think they got the most out of the movie; the other four had not read it recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. I probably enjoyed it least, but I still give it high marks.
So, go see Harry, THEN read or re-read the book. You'll thank me.

Harry have just met his mother-in-law, wife and his best friend. poor harry didn't know much back then😂. Why is it always the defense against the dark arts teacher.











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